In case you are curious...

 I was born and raised in rural Alaska where my father worked as a wildlife biologist. Lichen species and Caribou populations were common dinner topics in my childhood home. Our family shared my father’s infectious curiosity for the natural world. Weekend afternoons were spent scanning the sea ice for cruising polar bears, witnessing the chinook salmon spawn, or searching for a particular plant species. These experiences drew the map for my artistic life. Though I now live in a more urban environment, I'm constantly finding artistic inspiration in my backyard with its vegetable and flower gardens, on the paths I walk along the Willamette river, and in the varied and vibrant Oregon ecosystems just hours from Eugene.
When I’m not outside exploring, I am most often stitching, piecing, pressing clay, and listening to RadioLab or This American Life in my home studio. Behind all of my work lies the basic desire to increase our collective human appreciation for the natural world. I witness the hallowed beet, the sacred carrot, the divine crow, and attempt to convey their peculiar sanctities through my work.

Awards and Press
-Published in Eugene Weekly, April 2012 - Natural Aesthetic
-praise for work, The Register Guard, Sept. 2012
-Recipient of People’s Choice Award, Mayor’s Art Show 2012
-Recipient of Juror’s Choice Award in The Mayor’s Art Show 2011
-Published Artist in Quilt It, a 2010 Lark Books publication
-Recipient of the Ina Stentiford Memorial Scholarship in 2009

Public Art Projects
-Solo Artist, Rosetta Park  Mosaic   Bench, River Rd.
-Lead Artist, Whiteaker Community Mosaic Sculpture, 2nd and Blair
-Participating Artist:  10th and Pearl parking garage, clay tile work
-BRING’s Wall of Water Mosaic