me and my dolly

Yesterday evening I was on a panel of four artists asked to speak about our careers in an “Art Survival Skills” course.  I brought this admittedly odd deer figure (freshly completed work) as a bit of show and tell.  
The panelist were Robert Canaga, gallery owner and Eugene arts community icon; David Funk, co-owner of a local marketing agency Bell + Funk (which I did just google and  liked what I saw); Jon Cruson, who was making art and selling it before I was born; and me, with my deer dolly of course.  I was clearly the inexperienced one of the bunch.  Yes I was humbled, intimidated, awed, and invigorated.  These three artists with their wildly different dispositions and divergent art career paths, were remarkably similar in a few important ways.  They each conveyed their absolute determination to be artists, they each revealed a general willingness to embrace unconventional opportunities, and they were productive people (drawing, painting, experimenting, generating art).  I can get behind all that.  Look out world, I’m goin’ in, with or without the deer dolly!