the next Maplethorpe?

Yes, apparently my work is controversial and inflammatory.  This quilt incited one woman to write the following on Latte Play’s facebook page:  " I ordered a coffee and went to sit down only to hear the word "hell" repeatedly over the rock music playing, rolling stone magazines, and a huge nude painting of a woman with her breasts exposed as she is straddling what seems to be onions. Frankly this is not a family friendly atmosphere. I will never be back to that coffee shop. Thoroughly appalled and disgusted!!!
Art museums, Greece and Rome are NOT marketing themselves to children. To take your child to a place like that would be a conscious choice and one that I would like to make rather than be completely caught off gaurd and deceived by a name that implies kid friendly. It was offensive and tacky. Let parents know there will be a distasteful and confusing painting of a naked woman straddling onions. Kids would play with each other in a strip club. Doesn't mean it's an appropriate atmosphere to take them to!"
I must admit to being somewhat tickled by this visceral response to my work.