What if?

I am applying to a “one percent for art” to be installed in the Kodiak Island ADF&G (Alaska Department of Fish and Wildlife) headquarters.  There is an odd sort of cosmic poetry humming at my edges as I sit here refining my resume, typing up my letter of intent, and selecting my images.  I spent a significant portion of my childhood afternoons in the ADF&G offices in Nome Alaska, drawing pictures at my father’s desk; crayon and pencil drawings of charging Caribou, fuzzy Muskox, hook lipped Salmon, and prehistoric looking King Crab.  My father would scotch tape my masterpieces to his cluttered office walls, and on the florescent lit walls of the staff room.  The possibility that my art could once again hang (though with something more substantial than scotch tape) amongst that breed of wildlife biologist, who’s work really genuinely shaped my artistic world, feels significant, a path I am traveling that has circled back to meet itself.