on death and laughter

Since I so recently wrote about my grandparents in this blog, it seems important to share the news of my grandfather’s recent passing.  He died October 31st, 2013.  My sister and I flew to Montana and sang (along with our cousins Bethany and Mary) at the funeral service.  If you read my October 3rd entry, you know how appropriate it felt to honor his life with song.  
What struck me most about our time in Montana was how laced with laughter it was.  The 20 plus of us assembled family members ate together and laughed, told stories about my grandpa and laughed, watched his old home movies and laughed, looked at old photographs and laughed (by the way the above photo is of my grandpa scraping mud off my grandma’s shoe with a license plate), there were even a few practical jokes carried out, to much laughter.  My grandpa would have loved it all.