assembled from random parts

This distinguished gentleman was created by five middle schoolers in one of my current art classes.  They each selected a body part to build and then collectively enhanced their sculpture with fetching details like the pipe and the bow tie.  
Some part of me really relates to and sympathizes with these ramshackle characters when they emerge.  Some mornings I wake up and rather painfully attempt to sort out the many assembled random parts of myself: the mother who’s immediate duties are preparing lunches and breakfast, the teacher who needs to fire the clay work sitting in the shed, the artist who has a show approaching and work to be finished, the daughter who probably should call her mother, the homemaker who’s toilet is overdue for a scrubbing, the musician who would love to sit and play the uke all day....
Our many assembled parts give us character and dimension.  I wouldn’t get rid of any of them, but there are days when I am baffled at how to get them all functioning together smoothly.