hop hop hurray

I planted two varieties of hops this spring, fugle and cascade.  Yesterday I had the immense pleasure (first time ever) of harvesting hops.  They twined way up into my neighbor’s plum tree so I was up on a ladder plucking these fragrant little rustling green beauties for an hour or so.  Their bright skunky scent made me heady and hopeful.  The little rustling skirts sound each one made as I plucked it from the vine conjured images of groups of girls in fancy dresses.  The little golden pollen filled pockets I discovered tucked beneath each petal felt like intimate and precious treasure.  By the time I climbed woozily back down my ladder I was in full day dream; dancing at a fabulous and extravagant wedding celebration.  How fitting it felt then, when in search of breathable fabric to rig some sort of hop drier, I found my sister’s wedding veil!