renegade artist

  Yes, that's me, cast out of kinkos for attempting to feed inappropriate materials into the copy machines.  
    I’ve recently started experimenting with integrating photographs into my work surfaces.  I like this idea of extrapolating what may lie beyond the edges of the photographs.  So, I am looking for ways to print images onto cotton.  I messed around with adhering cloth to sheets of paper and running them through an ink jet printer.  That worked great, for the most part (thanks and sorry, to my husband for his help in that experiment).  I was hoping to do the same thing at kinkos.  Unfortunately I was intercepted, reprimanded, and ejected from the building.  
     I am desperately seeking methods for transferring photos to cloth.  If anyone out there has any good ideas, that won’t get me banned from Eugene’s copy stores, I’d love to hear them.