On determination

This work spun out of a line from a song I wrote, "...little European Daisy in the sidewalk crack, with patience and persistence, takes the sidewalk back."  I know, that tenacious sprout looks more like an asparagus shoot than a daisy, artistic license, as they say!

Whenever I chance upon small green life asserting itself in the cracks of our paved world I am flooded with relief and wonder.  Is there a fable about a mole, equiped only with a spoon (for transporting dirt) and vast amounts of fortitude, who eventually moves an entire mountain from point A to point B?  There should be.  

P.S. If you'd like to see this work in person it will be hanging at Thinking Tree Spirits for their approaching opening!   If you'd like to hear the song its at soundcloud.com/thankyou-einstein/relativity