In terms of scale

If scale was a more fluid/shifting variable than it is, I would sew a fabulous dress from a rose petal, and roll my giant penny down to the car dealership where I’d purchase an ultra efficient 10 seater in robin egg blue and small enough to fit in my pocket.  Scale does matter though, and the way artist Ron Mueck plays with it is arresting!  I got to see this giant, naked, stunningly realistic sculpture at the Hirshorne Gallery in DC last week.  I want to see more of Mueck’s work in person.  I googled him and was transported to a world of achingly life like, profoundly intimate visions of imperfect humanity.   Mueck exaggerates or diminishes his figures, leaving me reeling a bit with a sense of a throbbing (expanding and contracting universe).  It is now on my bucket list to go see a body of his work in person! (pun intended)