My inner girl scout

Something in this collection of little stitched leaf shapes has me recalling my polyester green Girl Scouts of America sash, with it’s crooked rows of bright embroidered badges.  I loved the sash and it’s accompanying book of badges.  I loved the system of selecting, earning, receiving, and Yes! stitching on each badge.  I would run my hands across the tight thread surface of my fire safety badge or my cooking skills badge and know it represented my expanding knowledge and worldliness.  I would lay the sash across my bed and revel in the pretty colors and bright details.

I learned some weird things in Girl Scouts (like how to drain a soda can while its still inside the machine or how to make a serious weapon out of an oreo cookie), but I also learned about the rewards inherent in completing a task and I definitely grew my appreciation for stitching small bright bits of fabric into place.