I am hardwired for dissatisfaction.  It is the fuel that drives me (often in productive ways) to better myself and invest in the world around me.  Quite often that gnawing sense of dissatisfaction is what spurs me to clean my house, complete art work, pull weeds, exercise, apply for grants, practice my ukulele.  
Unfortunately, if I turn up the volume on that feeling just a bit to much it becomes corrosive.  I find myself inciting conflict with my partner, nagging my kids, or insulting and discouraging myself.   In that state of mind I am to riled to notice the many  opportunities I have to experience, to relish, a satisfying moment.  Working on a project with my daughters, laughing with Josh, eating a really delicious dinner, visiting with family, sitting in the sun, planting something, picking something... The opportunities are endless.  I just have to notice them.